A Meaningless Election

There is no need to vote

Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm on Unsplash

In Morocco where I came from, politics, broadly speaking, is akin to a cliche show regurgitated to the point of ad nauseam, and its election (elect the prime minister and forming the new government) is a lousy scene where adult also-rans, a bunch of has-beens and wankers alike go to bat for their corruptionist and were up-in-arms about corruption and deterioration they live in.

Getting out of bed in the morning and facing these people is akin to sprinting into World War I.

The conversation I was having in my head as I see them wasn't at all logical and looked something like this…

Yeah, we are in a dark place and I’m fighting like hell to grin.

The election is over, I don’t know who won and I don’t give a fuck because it doesn’t matter since the absolute power has always been clenched under one only hand.. the king’s.

The pawns around the king repeatedly spoke about development, prospects and prosperity every five years. To be candid, you can trust them because they spoke the truth as the prosperity they’re talking about is only for themselves and their spoiled kids.

To navigate life in the closet is to learn, and I patently have learned that they’re making fun of us.

Our politicians managed to master the delicate gay art of dodging the big questions because there is no political pluralism or independent media, there is only the inexorable rise in the cost of living as people struggled to extricate themselves from the ignorance and confusion, from the imminent danger of being crushed under debts.

History doesn’t offer us much optimism because things can just as easily get worse as the can get better.

However, the delightfully decadent past, the inhospitable present, the complicated ethical allegiances of the future, leave us in a very confounding place bewildered where are we going to end up ?

I’m rhetorically asking.

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